Question of the Day, 8/28 …

Why was Torii Hunter trying to bunt [in the seventh]? — Alex P., Huntington Beach, Calif.

Hunter would make up for it later, knocking in the game-winning run on a sacrifice fly in the bottom of the ninth, but he had many Angels fans scratching their heads in the seventh. With one out, Mike Trout on second and his team trailing by one, Hunter tried to bunt for a hit, instead popping it up behind the plate for catcher Ryan Lavarnway to make a diving catch. Hunter has done a good job bunting for hits this year, but that did not look like the time to go for it.

Here’s how he explained his rationale postgame: “I had a plan. I saw the guys back deep. All I have to do is bunt, get a base hit, [Trout] goes over [to third base]. The best hitter in the game [Albert Pujols] was behind me. All he had to do was hit a fly ball and he did — but there was two outs. My plan didn’t work. But in baseball, as long as you have a plan, that’s all that matters. And if you don’t execute your plan, then at least you had one. I didn’t go up there without any plan. I had one.”


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Bad plan Torrii, a base hit would have tied the game, awful time for a power hitter to bunt, you got lucky late so nobody will complain but you alone almost cost them the game with this horrible plan, I thought the coach made these plans where the heck was Mike, he’s done too! We all know with two chances to tie the game you don’t bunt and give up an out. base hits via the bunt are not very common for someone not so fast anymore. Hit the ball that’s what they pay you for!

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