Question of the Day, 8/14 …

Which Angel needs to step up the most for them to make the playoffs? — @gergsirron3

It’d be foolish to look anywhere other than the rotation, which the Angels counted on to be so good but — before these last three games — had been so bad. Starting pitching rules the day on any team, but especially on this one, with the five starters combining to make more than $60 million this season. Through the first 12 games of August, as the Angels went 3-9, the rotation put up a 5.35 ERA. Yes, the bullpen has been even worse (8.37 ERA this month), but this bullpen was never built to pick up the amount of innings it’s had to since the rotation started under performing. We knew that going in. That’s why it’s the foursome of Dan Haren, Ervin Santana, C.J. Wilson and Zack Greinke that will be most crucial if the Angels are going to make the playoffs.

If you’re asking me to boil it down to one player, I’ll go with Dan-vin Wil-ke.


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