Question of the Day, 7/30 …

Why is Ervin Santana still in the rotation? — @ritchie07

Because Santana is making a lot of money, has a proven track record and, simply put, if he shows he can stick in the rotation, making Garrett Richards an insurance arm in the Minor Leagues, the Angels will be better and deeper for it. It’s easier to put Santana in the bullpen, or try to slip him through waivers (unlikely, I still think), as the season grows older. But right now, the Angels need to do their best to preserve that starting pitching depth, especially with Dan Haren (side) hurting once again.

Nonetheless, Santana’s leash is very short — as it should be. He’ll make his next scheduled start (though Mike Scioscia hasn’t decided if it’ll be under the same 15-out limit). And though five innings of three-run ball against the Rangers was considered a step forward, there’s no doubt the Angels believe Santana should be better than that. “There’s still upside there, and that’s what we need to search for,” Scioscia said. “We need him back where he was, and where he can be.”


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