Question of the Day, 7/16 …

With John Hester and Bobby Wilson out of options, who goes away when Chris Iannetta comes back? — @slbs

Actually, only Wilson is out of options. Hester was signed to a Minor League contract, so he can be sent down. Wilson’s the one who would have to be placed on waivers if the Angels want to option him. What they’ll do when Iannetta returns remains to be seen, but my thinking is Wilson stays as the backup catcher, just like it was at the start of the season. Hester may be the better hitter, but not by much, and he has a really hard time throwing out would-be base-stealers. Wilson has the better arm. One thing that may work in Hester’s favor, though: He has established a good rapport with C.J. Wilson.



Do you see Carlos Ramirez coming into this conversation any time soon??

Where does he stand as a potential call up for the Angels?

Is there anyway Scioscia can bat Trumbo at clean-up instead of Morales. I think if he does, Trumbo got more feared reputation than Morales can bring down the line-up.

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