Question of the Day, 7/14 …

Assuming that Ervin Santana doesn’t find out how to be effective, how do you think Jerry Dipoto should behave at the Deadline? — @alansmafra

I think these next couple weeks are going to be very telling with regards to how aggressive Dipoto is in handling his rotation. Jerome Williams and Garrett Richards have both had their issues, and if Dan Haren doesn’t show he’s right again and Santana still can’t get it together, then it’d be hard to justify not going out on the market to trade for a starting pitcher. I just don’t see how they get Cole Hamels or Zack Greinke — two guys whose clubs are trying to sign to extensions, by the way — without involving Peter Bourjos in the mix. If Dipoto sticks to what he’s continually said since the offseason — that Bourjos is a big part of their future and he doesn’t consider him a trade chip — then their best option may be among the less-heralded group of available starters, which includes guys like Wandy Rodriguez, Matt Garza and Ryan Dempster, among others. Thinking way ahead here: If they do trade for a premium upcoming free agent, they can free up money to keep him simply by declining the options of either Haren or Santana (or both). The risk there is giving up a lot to get him, not being able to resign him and, because of regulations in the new CBA, not getting the Draft-pick compensation in return. Then you consider how the Angels would have to add more money to a payroll that’s already maxed out, and it’s no wonder Dipoto is holding out hope that the rotation issues will be resolved in-house.


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