Question of the Day, 7/3 …

Who do you think takes Dan Haren’s spot in the rotation? — Jake S., Newport Beach

Don’t want to jump the gun here, since the Angels won’t know exactly how long Haren will be out until he gets his lower back checked out in Anaheim, but it’s pretty much a sure bet that he’ll miss his scheduled Sunday start, which means the Angels will have to tap into their really thin organizational pitching depth. I can’t see Jerome Williams coming off the DL to start Sunday. He has more to prove in rehab outings after getting racked in two-plus innings on Sunday night. One name to watch could be lefty Greg Smith. He started Tuesday night’s game, putting him in line to start Sunday, and has a 3.50 ERA in the ridiculously tough PCL. He’s also made 40 career big league starts. As for after the All-Star break (if Haren continues to be out)? Williams should slide in then. As for improving the rotation with a premium starter — like Cole Hamels, or Zack Greinke? Not sure the Angels have the farm-system chips to make a deal like that happen, or the money to pay for it. But, again, we have no idea how severe Haren’s lower-back issues actually are yet.


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Hamels or Grienke may be doable .Angels will soon face a dilemma with the return of Wells. Bourjos is already the odd man out and Wells will be difficult to move with his salary. Bourjos could be the centerpiece in a deal.

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