Question of the Day, 6/26 …

Will Peter Bourjos begin to get more playing time? — @RyanHuyler

I take this question not because Bourjos has now homered in back-to-back games, but because it’s crystal clear — as it has been all year — that Bourjos deserves to be an everyday player. His impact on the Angels’ lineup would be huge from a defensive and speed standpoint, but how do you get him consistent at-bats? Bench Torii Hunter? He’s been rolling since he got in the No. 2 spot. Bench Mike Trout? Funny. Put Mark Trumbo at third base? That experiment didn’t go too well early on and seems to have been put to rest. Play Albert Pujols at third? I doubt Mike Scioscia would do it. The only real way I see Bourjos getting regular playing time is if Kendrys Morales finds his way on the bench against more than a lefty starter, but the Angels need that power presence from the left side.



Why not put vernon wells on the bench

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whats the deal on santana and harren soscia always has excuses time for action

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