A quiet Deadline for the Angels? …

It appears we may be headed in that direction.

Angels general manager Jerry Dipoto talked briefly Saturday about the non-waiver Trade Deadline that’s still more than a month away, and didn’t sound like a guy who felt he needed to make significant moves before July 31.

“We have a 25-man roster right now of guys that are playing particularly well, they’re feeding off each other,” Dipoto said. “I don’t think it’s imminent that we make any kind of moves, nor do I think that it’s a must. We’re going to continue to survey, and if the ability or chance to help in a given area arises, then we’ll take advantage, we’ll try to capitalize on that opportunity. But I can’t define at this time whether that’s going to be available to us or not.”

One reason — on top of the fact that this roster has led to an MLB-best 33-18 record since April 28 — is the Angels aren’t in a position to add much salary to a payroll that’s pretty much maxed out at $154 million.

Dipoto said the Angels are “not involved” in talks to acquire Kevin Youkilis, who the Red Sox are desperately trying to deal, adding that third base isn’t a very big priority in his mind. As for their own ostracized player, Peter Bourjos? Teams will be interested, and the Angels will keep an open mind, but Dipoto doesn’t sound very motivated to move him (given how inexpensive he is and that he’ll probably have a starting spot next season).

“It’s popped up multiple times since last offseason,” Dipoto said, “and our answer has been the same every time – Peter is a very good fit for this club, where we are right now and where we are moving forward.”

As for the bullpen?

“We have a variety of different looks [on the current roster].”

Starting pitching?

“I don’t know that we’re going to be able to go out on the market and replicate or do better than any of the six guys that we have.”

Any team would love to add pitching depth, and the Angels are no different. It just doesn’t appear like they’ll be making any big splashes, per se. Not if they hold on to Bourjos — one of few tradeable guys who could bring back a sizeable return — and not if they don’t have much payroll flexibility.

But, hey, a lot can change in five weeks.



I know izturis had a good few years,but come on he is not playing good on offense or defense

This tea’m’s been around for 50 years and still don’t know how to win.

Like everybody else Izzy struggled at the begining of the year, but unlike the rest hes struggled with defense too. Izzy has just not been able to make any kind of improvement. He needs to go. Move Pujols to 3rd Morales to 1st and Callaspo as utility/DH. Opens up DH for Wells/Trumbo/Torii.

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Peter Bourjos he’ll probably have a starting spot next season…? Hunter is not going to be resigned and Wells will go where?

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Plain and Simple get rid of Santana before it’s to late.

Where have you been rich, didn’t you know we won the w.s. last 2002? You’re such a loser bandwagon.

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