Pauley claimed off waivers by Blue Jays …

The Angels couldn’t sneak relief pitcher David Pauley through waivers a second time.

On Wednesday, the Blue Jays claimed the 29-year-old right-hander, who posted a 4.35 ERA in 10 1/3 innings with the Angels and a 1.76 ERA in 30 2/3 innings for their Triple-A affiliate in Salt Lake.

Pauley, signed to a Minor League contract late in Spring Training, passed through waivers unclaimed and was outrighted to the Minors when first designated for assignment on May 24. He was called up again on June 12 to give the Angels an extra arm in the bullpen, but was DFA’d on Monday when they returned to 12 pitchers.

Pauley, who also has experience as a starter, has compiled a 9-19 record with a 4.51 ERA in 86 games (20 starts) in the Majors with the Red Sox, Mariners, Tigers and Angels, respectively.



Can they take their garbage back (Vernon Wells) too?

There’s a quiet Darwinian war going on among American cities to ditermene who will be the winnersConservative cities – or, that is, cities in conservative states – have yet to figure this one out. Salt Lake City is still adding to its glorious diversity by the boatloads. But as for moving minorities out of the cities and into the ‘burbs, that is absolutely essential, but preferably while still keeping them concentrated in projects rather than spreading them around for the working class to “enjoy.” It makes no sense to force the legitimate working class to have to wind its way through miles and miles of growing rot to get to their jobs, colleges and cultural amenities in the central cities. None.What the USA needs are better tax incentives for renovating and maintaining old homes, rather than encouraging people to keep moving farther and farther out to get new homes.While diversity in Utah is growing, no, we did not make the mistake of letting them run the Olympics. However you do have to be a minority to get a street named after you in Salt Lake City, apparently. Few major streets in SLC are named after people, but we do have a Martin Luther King Blvd, a Rosa Parks Avenue and a Cesar Chavez Avenue. A few years ago a young boy scout also managed to get a street renamed for Adam Galvez, a Marine who was killed by an IED in Iraq. I’m fairly certain that if his name had been, oh, Adam Winslow, that the city council would’ve demurred.And, oh by the way, you know which “poor countries” Salt Lake City bribed for the bid, right? You’re aware of the particular continent they came from, right? Just makin’ sure.As for Chicago coming in dead last after Barack Obama’s last minute lobbying effort? All I have to say is: Hahahahahahaha! Just awesome.

I was not pleased to see Pauley go… at the time when nobody was getting anybody out in our bullpen, Pauley was and eating innings too. With so many of our guys slotted to do one inning and two of them not even working consecutive days, we dont really have an innings eater. Sure Takahashi is used in that role, but isnt good at it… In fact, Im not sure what role Takahashi is good at. Inherited runners score at an alarming rate and if he is called on to eat innings in case of injury, ejection or blowout he works maybe 2 plus and never leaves without giving up at least a run or more.

The front office had to know he wouldnt clear waivers so when they put him on, they knew it was the end of his Angels road

Tough break.

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