Question of the Day, 6/18 …

Who’s the odd man out of the rotation? Why? — @alansmafra

The easy answer prior to tonight was Garrett Richards, who has pitched well but is young, has options and began the year in the Minors. Ervin Santana‘s near-perfect-game on Saturday seemed to solidify that. But Jerome Williams‘ struggles against the Giants (four runs in 3 1/3 innings) and struggles of late (7.55 ERA during a three-game losing streak) at least makes it interesting.

First and foremost, you hope Williams is OK after being taken to a local hospital due to shortness of breath. That’s the only thing that matters right now.

As for his future in the Angels’ rotation? Tough to say. If he’s perfectly fine tomorrow — the Angels expect him back with the team then, his trip to the hospital being deemed only a precautionary measure — the Angels could temporarily stick him in the bullpen, since he’s out of options and has experience there, to keep Richards in the rotation. If not, they’ll simply send Richards down and keep Williams on the staff. I don’t see Richards going to the ‘pen. He’s still developing and needs to keep starting games.

What would you do? …


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williams health is first thing. richards should stay in rotation. williams in long relief for now. that would be the buisness decision on the field for now.

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