Question(s) of the Day, 6/11 …

Will Mike Trout, at any point, qualify for the batting title? His .350 should be second in the American League. — @aaronburkart

He should fairly soon. A player needs 3.1 plate appearances per team game to qualify. For the Angels, that meant 189 heading into Monday’s game. Trout had 177. But he’s playing every day, so he should reach that number fairly soon. Probably in about two weeks.

What’s the most likely way Trout & Mark Trumbo make the All-Star Game? I’ve been doing a write-in for Trout, but am not hopeful. — @zachvandenberg

Yeah, it’s a long shot. Trumbo’s only chance to start is to make it as a third baseman, which won’t happen because he’s not currently among the top five vote-getters at that position and hasn’t even played there since May 3. Trout isn’t even on the ballot, since he wasn’t called up until late April. His only chance to start is if fans write his name in and he somehow finishes among the top three vote-getters among outfielders, and that’s a real long shot. Both, however, have a good chance to make it as reserves. Players vote for one backup at each position, the manager gets eight picks and then fans take part in the Final Vote.


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