Question of the Day, 6/5 …

Is Ervin Santana in jeopardy of losing his spot in the rotation with Garrett Richards’ gem tonight? — @Halosfanatic

As much as Santana has struggled (5.33 ERA, seven losses, 16 homers throughout the year; 14 walks in his last 14 2/3 innings), I think it’s still a little early for that talk. Richards was great against the Mariners tonight and he has great stuff, but he struggled a lot over his last month or so in Triple-A (6.76 ERA and 23 walks in his last six starts) and, quite frankly, the sample size needs to be a lot bigger than one start against a weak-hitting Mariners team that isn’t very familiar with him before making a leap like that. Santana, of course, is out of options, so the only thing the Angels can do is stick him in the bullpen, probably burying him in some sort of long-relief role, when Jered Weaver makes his expected return before the end of the month. Way too early for a move that drastic. If Santana really struggles over his next couple outings before Weaver is activated, and Richards continues to pitch this well, it could get interesting. But I don’t think it is just yet.


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