Wilson to DL; Conger called up

The Angels have placed catcher Bobby Wilson on the 7-day disabled list, due to a concussion he suffered on a foul tip during Monday night’s game.

Taking his place on the roster will be the switch-hitting Hank Conger, who returned to action at Triple-A Salt Lake last week after missing more than a month with a right elbow injury.

Wilson had been serving as the primary catcher in place of Chris Iannetta, who’s still recovering from right wrist surgery but has been long-tossing and could be a couple weeks away from returning.

John Hester, signed to a Minor League deal when Conger went on the shelf in late April, has been used as a backup.

Alden Gonzalez


Give the kid a chance to show himself!

Welcome back Hank! OVLL grad!

Now is the perfect time to see if he can contribute on a regular basis. Wilson is always a sure out at the plate just like Mathis was. Sure wish management hadn’t dropped the ball with the Napoli trade. Go Hank Conger!

Napoli was better at the plate than Mathis, and yes he has power, but Napoli strikes out too much and couldn’t throw out anyone stealing second or third.

LOL Hi Sosh, is that you?

His % of throwing out runners career wise is higher than Mathis, Wilson, or Ianetta. Who cares if he strikes out a lot, he also draws walks and knocks the ball out of the park with regularity. Absolutely the Angels brass screwed the pooch.

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It’s time to see if Conger is a major leaguer. Let him play, and tell him he has the job. As good as Wilson is behind the plate he hurts the team at bat. The team needs a better balance. How many games could have beeen won if the catcher had 20 RBI’s instead of 11? Good luck Hank, show ’em what you’ve got!

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