Question of the Day, 5/18 …

Do you think [the events of Friday night] means Ernesto Frieri’s supplanted Scott Downs as the closer? — @will_berson

Nope, I think what it means is we have a closer platoon, per se, with the left-handed Downs and the right-handed Frieri. Mike Scioscia used Downs for the eighth, and had him warming up as Jered Weaver was laboring through the seventh, because the Padres had a bunch of left-handed hitters coming up. That can happen a lot more often, and it points to two things: 1. Scioscia’s confidence in Frieri, who has pitched lights out in the two weeks he’s been with the Angels; 2. Scioscia’s lack of confidence in Hisanori Takahashi, who he seemingly doesn’t trust to get tough lefties out late in games.



Ernesto has been so good, I’d rather we not just label him the closer. I’d rather have him used in tough innings 6,7,or 8 and sometimes as a closer. He needs to be available when the team is in a jam. He would be wasted just waiting for the 9th inning. The bullpen would blow games before we even got to use him. Great trade for the Halos so far!

15.12.11 – 22:52 Tror det er en helt UTROLIG by. Tror ikke jeg kan dra dit. Da blir jeg sikkert bondee der. Hehe. NYC ste5r pe5 min drf8mmeliste og. Skal nok dra dit engang ja!🙂 Herlige bilder du deler med oss! Klem Lene

yeah the Frieri kid is good…don’t bring in that Takahashi guy unless we have a minimum lead of 4 runs

I think what it means is we have a closer platoon.

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