Question of the Day, 5/14 …

Do you think Mark Trumbo’s earned the right to bat in the 3-hole and move everyone down one spot? — @huskerfanasmo8

That’s an interesting thought. I’ve never pictured Trumbo as a 3-hole hitter because he just didn’t show he can get on base enough last year. But right now, he has been by far their best hitter, leading the team in batting average, homers, RBIs and OPS, so I don’t think it would be a bad idea to put him there. Whether or not Mike Scioscia actually does it, though, is doubtful. The bigger question here is when you move Albert Pujols down in the order (temporarily) so he can get going and not affect you as much while trying to figure some things out. It’d be weird to see Pujols batting sixth or something, but the longer he goes like this, the harder it’ll be to justify him hitting in a lineup’s most important spot.



It only makes sense to have your best hitter in the 3 slot…and that is Mark Trumbo. Like it or not that Pujols needs to be moved down to the 6 – 8 slot. Not only based on his anemic performance thus far but as a means to lessen expectations, reduce the self imposed and inherent ( but rightfully placed ) pressure and hopefully bolster his confidence. Contrary to the beliefs of some he may welcome the change and not merely take it as a slap in the face. As a former D-1 baseball player, coach for over 30 years, with two sons who played D-1 as well I can tell you it is hard to change up the tiny things that lead to a slump of any kind let alone one of this magnitude. It’s much easier to swallow 0/3 than a continuous 0/4-5 any day. I can’t see any reason barring injury or personal matters, why we wouldn’t find a way to have Mark, Tori and Maicer in every line-up.

…and add K. Morales to that list of needs to be in every line-up

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