Question of the Day, 5/11 …

Is there any reason why Peter Bourjos has been abandoned? — Priit

It’s sort of mind-boggling, even though he his hitting just .192, that Bourjos has started just twice in the last 12 games. You figured Mike Trout would play every day when he got called up, and you figured Torii Hunter would stay in the lineup on a consistent basis, which meant it would be between Bourjos and Vernon Wells for the last outfield spot. Wells isn’t setting the world on fire, either — posting a .231/.259/.398 slash line heading into the Rangers series — but has taken all the playing time from Bourjos anyway.

You have to figure Wells’ contract has something to do with it. The Angels are paying him $63 million over the next three seasons, which makes eating it pretty absurd at this point, so they want to give him every chance to try to be the player they expected to get when they traded for him. Yes, winning is the most important thing. But it’s not like Bourjos was doing much when he was in there, anyway. … That seems to be their rationale, at least.


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If winning is the correct answer, then putting Wells in and loosing is what??? I would start putting clauses in these “veteran” players of “if you go 2 months, let alone a whole season with less than your current avg. when you signed with the Angels..contract nul and void”….second…I truly believe it’s time for a new batting coach..I like Mickey Hatcher, but don’t believe he’s doing his job getting these guys to believe in themselves and getting them pumped to go out their and hit the crap out of the ball like Texas is…Angels should be AS GOOD at least as Texas, and the Angels look like they ALL (except Trumbo and Trout) belong back down in the minors and it’s becoming embarrassing now…..WAKE UP DIPOTO AND FIX THE BATTING COACH PROBLEM!!!

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