Reliving history: A look back at Jered’s no-no …

Yeah, it came against the Twins, who were shutout by Jerome Williams the night before, are missing Justin Morneau and are (record-wise) the worst team in baseball. But still. You have to be so dominant, and so much has to go right, in order to throw a no-hitter, and Jered Weaver had it all working on Wednesday night. It wasn’t just that he didn’t allow a hit. It was that nobody really came close and that he almost had a perfect game — if Chris Iannetta had held on to that second-inning strikeout, and if Josh Willingham’s bat had gone another inch forward on a strike-two half-swing in the seventh. 

Before we jump to the series opener against the Blue Jays, here’s a look back at last night … 

Weaver’s stuff

Weaver: “I wasn’t throwing 97 or 98 up there. It was pretty much the same poo-poo I’ve been throwing there all year. A lot of things have to go your way, and it happened tonight.”

Mike Scioscia: “He was just relentless with just repeating pitches. He was focused on just making pitches all the way through. Changed speeds well, pitched inside well. It was a terrific game.”

Howie Kendrick: “If you see his pitches, they’re either just off the plate or right there on the corner. That’s what makes him so special. He’s very deceptive with that delivery, kind of throws from across his body, and tonight, he was hitting those spots, getting guys looking on that front-door two-seamer, changeup was good, he was throwing his curveball for a strike, and I think those are things you need to do to win games and throw no-hitters.”

Denard Span: “He was doing everything. He kept us off-balance. He changed speeds. He’s definitely a different pitcher when he’s at home with the ball coming out of those rocks in center field. He had everything going tonight. So you have to tip your cap off to him.”

On the last out

Alexi Casilla: “I thought it was maybe off the wall or something like that.”

Torii Hunter: “When you hit it to me, it’s caught. That’s just the way it goes. When he hit it, I had to go get it. I was going to give it my all — run myself through the wall, knock myself out, be out 5-10 days, it didn’t matter. But he was going to have a no-hitter.”

Weaver: “He put a charge in it. But Spiderman was running stuff down. I wasn’t worried at all. Torii, he is who he is. He’s a nine-time Gold Glover, and I didn’t have any doubt that he was going to run that ball down.”

On where he stood when the game ended

Scioscia: “He might’ve been able to go two more innings with the way he felt and with the way he set things up.”

Weaver’s response to that: “I don’t know about that. I was about dead in the seventh, but was able to will the ball over the plate.”

On the thrill of the no-no

Weaver: “To have it happen at home, where I decided to stay, and to have these fans cheer me on, going out there in the ninth, it was pretty electric. Unbelievable night.”

C.J. Wilson: “This is the best pitching performance I’ve ever seen.”

Kendrick: “It’s phenomenal, man, I’m so happy to be a part of this. I’ve been playing with Weaver since he signed with the organization, and to be able to see him progress as a player and as a pitcher and become our ace guy, and be a bulldog on the mound, that’s what we need day in and day out. Hopefully that leads up to some more no-hitters.”

Dave Weaver, Jered’s father: “We just hugged the hell out of each other and said we loved each other. He was just so excited, so jubilant. It was a dream come true for him and for all of us.”

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This was absolutely the best game I have ever watched from the stadium. I love that Howie calls Weaver a bulldog. I grew up watching Orel Hershiser pitch – yeah, Dodgers childhood but I got better😉 – and Weaver has that same toughness, huge talent and heart.
— Kristen

The stories of Weaver are laednegry. I had the good fortune of working for him at the very end of his congressional career. Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is an alum as well (as is Peter DeFazio). One of my favorite food-related Weaver stories is the time he took to an empty House chamber and warned that the Rajneeshees had poisoned The Dalles. Editorial writers around the state suggested that Weaver had finally lost it. Well, he was correct. A Google search of The town that was poisoned with Congressional Record and Jim Weaver yields a transcript of the speech and related information. In the end, only the Eugene Register Guard gave Weaver credit after the plot was officially exposed.

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