Question of the Day, 5/1 …

What about using Jerome Williams in relief and bringing up Garrett Richards to take his spot in the rotation? — Scott Davis
As a matter of fact, Mike Scioscia addressed this question pregame. Take it away, Mike: “I think there’s a lot of things that have been talked about, but I think when you make a move, you have to be careful that you’re not opening a hole somewhere else. I think Garrett is really on our depth chart as a starter right now, during this point of the season. When you do make a move like that, you have to really be sure that you have enough backup in your organization in the depth chart and starters, and I’m not sure if they’re there right now.”
To be fair, this question was posed before Williams flat-out dominated the Twins, hurling a complete-game shutout to move his ERA to 1.98 over his last three starts. I’m not sure how well Williams would adjust to relief, but the best thing now is for him to stay in the rotation and Richards to stay stretched out in the Minors. Too many options for the rotation is never a bad thing, and you don’t want to limit those options so early in the season.

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