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If the Angels keep slumping, will they do something about hitting coach Mickey Hatcher? — @SeanMuret

Hatcher has a huge bull’s eye on his back these days. In a way, due to the nature of his job, he’s had it for a good portion of his 13-year tenure with the Angels. When an offense struggles, the easy thing to do is to point the finger at the hitting coach, and several fans have taken that liberty with Hatcher over the last few years. I’m not defending the guy; I just know there’s very little a hitting coach can actually do when accomplished, veteran players struggle at this level.

But Jerry Dipoto and this new front office hasn’t been shy about making bold moves in this season of great expectations. And when you consider where the offense is (ranked 24th in the Majors in runs per game) relative to its expectations (with Albert Pujols on board and Kendrys Morales healthy), it’s easy to see why the finger is being pointed in Hatcher’s direction once again (at least from the outside).

For what it’s worth — and I’m really not sure how much it is — Pujols wasn’t happy that Hatcher told some reporters that he spoke up in a meeting on Monday. It was harmless, with Hatcher simply saying that Pujols stated to his teammates that they shouldn’t worry about him, but the Angels’ new slugger is sensitive about private stuff getting out in the open.

Here’s what Pujols said …

“Mickey should never tell you guys what we talk about in a meeting. I think that’s something that’s private. That needs to stay with the team. No disrespect to Mickey, but this is our ballclub. This is stuff that needs to be private, and that’s something that I’m going to tell him. He should never talk to the media about the things that are going on in the meetings. No disrespect to him, but I think that’s the way the ballclub should be. Stuff behind [closed] doors stays behind [closed] doors, not in the media.”

Again, that probably means very little. But if you’re Hatcher, that’s one player you don’t want to upset.


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I agree with Pujols – what happens in the meetings stays in the meetings.
I understand that Hatcher is feeling the heat, and rightly so, but he needs to keep his mouth shut.

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