Question of the Day, 4/26 …

“Someone on this team must step up. Who will it be, if an?” — @Halosfanatic

I hate to sound like a broken record, but it just has to be Albert Pujols. As Torii Hunter said postgame, he’s their “big dog,” and when he starts being the man he has always been, that’s when this lineup can really get going. I know it isn’t just Pujols who’s struggling — and Mike Scioscia doesn’t seem to be pushing all the right buttons — but it can really just be that simple. He’s just been fighting himself for so long, and it seems like the longer this slump stretches, the harder it is on him mentally (though that’s something he’ll never admit to).

Here’s what C.J. Wilson said about him postgame: “I don’t know what it’s like to be him. I don’t know what’s different in terms of what he feels. I just know that I respect him a lot and I still think he’s the best hitter, regardless of however many home runs. I know nobody’s taking him lightly. They’re giving him their ‘A’ game. If a guy’s throwing like 92 to everybody else, they’re throwing like 94 to him. You see that. I think it’s just sort of beginner’s luck for the league against him, where this is the first time a lot of these guys are seeing him, and they’re taking advantage of a defensive shift or something like that. At some point, he’ll understand the pitchers better, and maybe some of those balls will get through.”


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