Question of the Day: 4/18 …

“What can they do about the lack of offense? Call up [Mike] Trout and cut [Bobby] Abreu?” — @bshah79

I think it’s still too early for that kind of talk. (By the way, I understand Trout has a .397/.446/.569 slash line in Triple-A, but keep in mind that the Pacific Coast League is a very hitter-friendly league with some very hitter-friendly ballparks. Just some food for thought.) I understand the concern from fans, and I get the disappointment, but you need to give these guys a chance to do what they’ve done their whole careers. Albert Pujols will eventually get going. So will Erick Aybar. That in itself will help a lot.

Mike Scioscia has his reasons, but here’s two things I believe can help …

1. It needs a little bit more continuity. Ten different lineup combinations in 12 games is a whole lot. And yes, the top three has remained constant (minus off days), but it could help guys jell if they know when and where they’re hitting. Problem: As some guys have mentioned, it’s hard for Scioscia to be consistent with the lineup when he isn’t getting consistency back. We’re still in that feeling-it-out process.

2. Mark Trumbo needs some more time, either at third base or the corner outfield (DH is all Kendrys Morales). His defense leaves some to be desired, but his bat is too important (and remember, sometimes a bat will sag if it isn’t playing consistently). Trumbo was out today due to illness, and I believe he’ll get in the lineup plenty coming up, with the Angels facing three lefties in the next four games.



If Scioscia had thrown the same lineup out there for for the first 12 games I don’t think we’d have a worse record than we have now and the team may have found some chemistry. How do they do that when the lineup is different every day.? This isn’t spring training any longer. The Rangers aren’t batting over .300 1 – 9 but they aren’t benching regulars every day. Everyone keeps saying, it’s too early to panic, but why doesn’t that hold true for not changing the lineup every *bleeping* day…if it’s so early then let’s give it 10-15 games with the same guys. I can almost guarantee we wouldn’t be worse than we are now.

Scioscia is over managing and the rest of the coaching staff like Hatcher and Butcher haven’t proven a thing. Our offense strikes out way too much. The two players leading the team in strikeouts Kendrick and Hunter are the two guys surrounding Pujols in the lineup. The number of strikeouts are unacceptable. 70% of our pitching staff is lost, with no help from Butcher. So between Scioscia, Hatcher and Butcher this team is in trouble. We need a change in our coaching staff, I’m sick of all this sugar coating. We should be changing the coaching rather than the lineup on a nightly basis!

That exactly, We need to bring Trout back, because he had full speed ties to both as Bourjos and Trout too.. That why we need Trout so bad!! What I have seen since last summer debut, I was impressed, surprised how well he run, hit with bat, hit anywhere in field in every direction.. About Mike S. if we keep playing well, then we will pass up. If we dont play well, we will be in huge trouble as Hatcher and Butcher too.. We will have to wait, see what we can do!!

We’ve been waiting and seeing for two years now. Our bullpen and offense has been horrible in that time span and absolutely no different this year. How long do we have to wait before someone has the guts to say “enough!”

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Not a good idea to have Torii hit after Albert, Vernon would be a better choice than Torii. If Torii has to be in the line-up put him after Vernon. Also, give Torii a rest sometime & let Trumbo play right field.

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