Question of the Day: 4/12 …

I know it’s only been two games, but should we be concerned about the bullpen? — Greg G., Santa Monica, Calif.

I would be. And Mike Scioscia has to be. It’s not just that they blew two leads the past couple of days, it’s that their most reliable arm, Scott Downs, may be headed for the disabled list, and it’s that besides him, there just aren’t any shutdown guys you can turn to on a daily basis to get the ball to Jordan Walden with the lead (Walden, in case you haven’t noticed, hasn’t had a save chance through the first six games).

We pretty much knew going into the season that the bullpen lacked depth. But a lot of us — or, at least me — figured that with the starters going deep, and the offense being improved, the Angels didn’t necessarily need that much depth back there. But since the starters haven’t pitched great as a whole, and the offense had struggled to get going before Thursday, that lack of depth has been exposed.


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