Question of the Day: 4/11 …

What happens to Bobby Abreu if he stays hot at the plate — trade or play, especially with him as a liability on defense? — @GregAlso

That’s a good question. I’ll start by stating the obvious: If Abreu is hitting, everybody wins. Mike Scioscia has a needed lefty bat off the bench, or perhaps even a platoon mate in left field if Vernon Wells continues to struggle, and Jerry Dipoto can actually sell him to other teams if he wants to (something he wasn’t able to do throughout an awful spring). Once again, I will caution you about the sample size. The Angels have played four games — that’s less than 2.5 percent of the season! — and yeah, Abreu has hit two doubles in five at-bats while Wells is just 2-for-14, but it’s awfully early. Saying that, my assumption is that the Angels’ preference is still to save money on Abreu’s contract. If they can find someone willing to absorb enough of the $9 million that makes sense — and I’m not sure what that number is yet — then I think they pull the trigger. If not, and he’s hitting (and not complaining), why not just keep him?


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