Pujols & the ball that became his first Angels hit

Albert Pujols got his first hit as a member of the Angels in the fourth inning on Saturday afternoon, snapping an 0-for-4 skid to start the season by doubling on a line drive that landed just below the left-field fence.

That ball (pictured right) then went through a bit of an adventure. It was the same ball that Kendrys Morales singled to left field on, the same ball Alex Gordon used to throw Pujols out at the plate after he ran threw third-base coach Dino Ebel‘s stop sign, the same ball Torii Hunter then flew out to center field on for the third out of the inning, and the same ball Royals center fielder Lorenzo Cain flipped up to the stands on his way to the dugout.

In between innings, Angels vice president of communications Tim Mead phoned security to retrieve the ball from the fan. After some negotiating, the Angels got it back. The trade-off: A Pujols autograph, an Eric Hosmer autograph (they’re Royals fans) and four tickets to an upcoming game.

Not a bad tradeoff.

A ball, by the way, can’t be authenticated once it goes into the stands.



Just as I told you Angel fans months ago, when you got Big albert from us. He will cost you more games, as he did by running through a third base coaches signs. He does all the time, cause he’s out for him and Not the Team. Dream on Angel Fans.

Dang ,,you just can’t let it go,,,face the facts, Pujols is not a Cardinal anymore ! Hahahaha !

I know Spanish is probably your first language, but commas are not periods in English.

Wow that fan must of had his lunch money stolen when he was a kid. We appreciate the hustle for Albert always.

Guys,I am a true Cardinal fan and a Pujols fan also,He will run through a few stop signs at 3rd base but more times he will score than get called out.He is a great player and I wish we still had him in St.Louis he done just what any of us would have done go for the money..Angel fan i will be pulling for the Angels when they are not playing the Cardinals..Go Albert Break the Home Run Record….

Albert always hustles and it is true, more often than not he will be successful. Some people will only notice when he fails. I no longer respect him as a person, but his career speaks for itself as a ballplayer.

He might have been safe yesterday too. I’m a Royals fan who was sitting about 12 rows behind home with as good a view as anyone. While the throw beat him by two steps, his slide made it reeaaaaaally close. It was one of those where you feel bad for the umpire either way.

Not that anyone cares, but I re-watched the Pujols play at the plate stepping through one frame at a time, and the tag definitely beat him to the plate by about 2 frames (or 1/12 of a second). Umps have tough jobs, but it was definitely the right call.

” he done just what any of us would have done go for the money”

No. Not everyone in the world is a lying mercenary.

albert is only out for himself he has no morals i have no respect for him it was bad enough that he ended his story book ending with the cardinals he said it was never about the money lol when thats all it was about

St.Louis got the better years for a cheaper price….

Here’s the truth…yes, Albert got more money. But playing in the American League will add years to his productivity because of one thing-the DH. He’s smart. And I’m a Cardinal fan.

Runs through more stop signs than a bank robber.
Always has, always will.

Blame Albert all you want for the decision to go. But anyone who knows him knows DeDe made the decision. Hen-pecked like few others is No. 5, all in the name of Jesus.

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