4/6 Question of the Day …

How many games do you think Mark Trumbo will play this season.  He is killing the ball and was just wondering if he will be an everyday player.” — Robby U.

This question was submitted before Opening Night, when Trumbo made a couple of two-out errors — on an errant throw to first base and a whiff on a foul pop-up. Was it first-game jitters, the randomness of baseball or a sign that he still has a long way to go? Perhaps all of the above. I’ll continue to say what I’ve said all along — Trumbo wil probably never be a Gold Glove-caliber third baseman, but I think in due time (though not quite yet) he’ll get to where he can consistently make the routine play. The big question for him is: Will his bat play? That’s what it’s all about anyway — sacrificing some defense for the amount of offense a guy like Trumbo can provide. The number of games he finishes with at third? I’m not quite sure at this point, to be honest. Expect him to continue to get starts with Weaver (flyball pitcher) on the mound and none with C.J. Wilson and Jerome Williams (groundball guys) starting. The rest will be up to him.



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