Game 25: Angels-Giants …

Angels (14-9-1)

Erick Aybar, SS
Howie Kendrick, 2B
Albert Pujols, 1B
Vernon Wells, LF
Bobby Abreu, RF
Mark Trumbo, 3B
Peter Bourjos, CF
Bobby Wilson, C
Brad Mills, SP

Giants (14-10-3)

Angel Pagan, CF
Gregor Blanco, RF
Buster Posey, C
Pablo Sandoval, 3B
Aubrey Huff, LF
Brandon Belt, 1B
Emmanuel Burriss, 2B
Brandon Crawford, SS
Tim Lincecum, SP

Some notes from this morning …

  • Bobby Cassevah (slight tear in labrum) still hasn’t been able to throw his bullpen session, and now it’s looking “doubtful” that he’ll start the season off in the big leagues, manager Mike Scioscia said. With Cassevah out, and Michael Kohn shut down for a bit while nursing a forearm injury, there are definitely spots to be won in that bullpen. A big key this week: How Jason Isringhausen looks. Isringhausen is throwing a bullpen today and then will pitch on back-to-back days.
  • Jered Weaver, Mike Trout and Kendrys Morales will all be seeing playing time at the Rockies/D-backs complex while the Angels are playing the Giants.
  • Scioscia, on this last full week of Spring Training: “This is an important week for us as a team, and some individual players in that room. In respecting that, we’re not going to miss any steps. The tendency would be to just get out there and go through it, but we’re still doing right-side defense, we’re still doing things that are going to important for us to win games and letting that process move forward with these guys tightening up any last things we need to this week, whether it’s pitcher-catcher relationship, whatever we need. You have to let that process play out and you can’t just miss a step.”

Some Angels links …

Some AL West links …

And the Miami Heat are not looking good right now. They lost a second straight game by double digits to the Pacers on Monday.


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