Angels 6, White Sox 2 …


The Angels trotted out almost a completely different lineup, but got some early production once again, scoring all six of their runs in the first three innings for the win. The Angels have now scored 15 runs in the first four innings of their two Cactus League games and zero in the last five. A good sign considering the starters exit early.

The good

Vernon Wells walked today. He also walked yesterday. Why is that relevant? Well, last year he only walked in back-to-back regular season games once — on June 8 and 10. Yeah, 2011 was a tough year.

Albert Pujols, who went 1-for-2 with a double and a walk as the DH, has now hit with runners in scoring position in four of his first six plate appearances.

Alberto Callaspo, who hit sixth Monday and second today, went 2-for-3 for the second straight game.

Eric Hurley and Trevor Bell, both of whom have been mentioned for the fifth spot, each threw two scoreless innings.

Kevin Jepsen, one of the favorites for an empty bullpen spot, struck out two batters in his only inning of work.

The bad

Garrett Richards labored through his two innings, throwing around 40 pitches while giving up two runs on four hits and a walk. Not that it matters much at this point, though. Richards said he threw mostly sliders and fastballs, and, like every pitcher, he’s just trying to get his arm in shape right now.

Ryan Langerhans, the veteran outfielder signed as a non-roster invitee, has had misplays in the outfield each of the last two days. He mishandled a fly ball on Monday and kicked around an eventual RBI double on Tuesday.

Best quote

Mike Scioscia on young outfielder/first baseman Kole Calhoun, who went 2-for-4 with a double: “Kole’s a really interesting guy. He was a senior signed out of ASU. But he’s versatile, he’s got a real nice presence in the batter’s box from the left side, he can play good outfield and good first base. He had a real good year in the Cal League last year. He’s definitely a guy who can move onto our depth chart at some point this year. But right now, it’s a huge jump between A and Double-A in the Minor Leagues, and he’s going to have to make that hurdle.”

Best play (that I was able to see)

White Sox left fielder Brandon Short dove full extension to steal a single away from Calhoun in the eighth.



I disagree Alden, in regards to Garrett Richard’s performance. I do not feel Richards labored, and the box score is deceiving for those who did not watch the game (not saying you didn’t). Of the pitches that were hit by the White Sox, most were not hit very hard. Richard’s, in my opinion, actually did a great job of keeping his composure, especially for a young player, (which shows me a lot). Richard’s kept the ball low and moved it around in the zone. He also didn’t get flustered when a couple calls, from the ump, didn’t go his way, or when he found out his left fielder was David Beckham. Richards arguably should have had a strike’em out throw’em out in the first and Ryan Langerhans error put the runner in a position that allowed him to eventually score on a sac fly (if I remember correctly).
All that said Alden, I enjoy your blog very much. I read what said about Morales and Trumbo running lately, but I haven’t noticed any reports on Kendrays’ weight. Does he seem in decent shape, for a DH? Thanks and keep up the good work.

Thanks for the input. I may have to change the category to something other than “the bad” because it’s hard to say Richards was in any way bad, especially since he’s just working on stuff at this point. There were several things that didn’t go his way — the broken-bat infield single, the bobbles by Langerhans and the grounder to shortstop — but I don’t think you can say he was particularly great. Again, not that it matters.

How many lefties did Richards face compared to righties? Seemed like a very left handed dominate line up.

What is that logo next to the line-up? (The one with the baseball with wings and CA in the center of it.) Is that a new logo or an old one that I don’t recall? It’s not the same one they had years ago…the Chuck Finley era! I dig the CA. Always have, always will…

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