Day 2: Bourjos vs. Trout in a footrace — who wins?

We may never find out.

I asked Mike Trout that exact question on Tuesday morning. His response: “Oh I don’t know. We don’t race. You’ll never know. … No one will ever know.”

The reason?

“They won’t allow it,” center fielder Peter Bourjos said. “It was Tony [Reagins] last year. He wouldn’t let us race. I’m guessing Jerry [Dipoto] is not going to let us, either.”

Why aren’t you allowed to race, I asked.

“He probably doesn’t want anybody getting hurt,” Bourjos replied.

But you run every day.

“That’s what I’m saying.”

“I’ll do it,” Bourjos added. “Why not? But I’m guessing they’re not going to let us.”

Who would win?

“I don’t know. I’m guessing it’ll be a good race. I’m not getting into that.”

I then asked reliever Kevin Jepsen, who was sitting right next to Bourjos.

“Pete,” Jepsen said, with Bourjos responding: “That’s just because I’m sitting here.”

“I feel like it’s different speeds,” Jepsen elaborated. “Right off the bat, like initial [burst], it’s Trout. But when [Bourjos] gets going, it’s unbelievable.”

Bourjos seemed to agree with that assessment.

“He’d get me to first base,” Bourjos admitted. “I think I can get him first to third.”

The bigger question here is if it’ll ever actually happen. If it were up to Bourjos, it would.

“I won’t back down,” Bourjos said. “I’ll do it. Why not? … If [Mike Scioscia] sets it up, I’ll do it.”

Maybe now, with Dipoto at the helm and both of them together for another Spring Training camp, the Angels will soften their stance and let them settle this once and for all. I’ll do some hard-hitting investigating on this tomorrow. For now, here are some notes from today …

  • Trout spoke to reporters today about a far more important issue — his outlook going into 2012 and whether or not he can make the big league club. Here’s our story.
  • Don Mattingly said that despite the Angels’ offseason moves, and his club’s up-in-the-air ownership status, Southern California still belongs to the Dodgers. Here’s what some Angels had to say.
  • You know what Albert Pujols has never done? Play in all 162 regular-season games. Can the DH help him do that this year?
  • Speaking of Pujols, his presence has created a domino effect, with several players unsure of their roles. Here’s what Alberto Callaspo thinks about his.
  • The Angels played a little joke on Torii Hunter this afternoon. They got his really expensive Louis Vuitton shoes (Hunter wouldn’t tell me how much) and wrote his number on the back over a piece of athletic tape, making it appear as if the Sharpie actually marked the shoes. Hunter couldn’t believe it when he walked in and saw his shoes on his seat when he walked in off the field. “Not cool!” he said after everyone erupted in laughter.
  • The Angels will play in their first intrasquad game on Saturday. Their first Cactus League game is a split-squad against the Athletics on Monday.



That’s just because I’m sitting here.

I don’t know. I’m guessing it’ll be a good race. I’m not getting into that.

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