Abreu arrives — here’s what he said …

Below is a transcript of what Bobby Abreu told reporters at Tempe Diablo Stadium on Monday morning. A story, including thoughts from Mike Scioscia and others, will be posted on Angels.com shortly …

On whether he issued an ultimatum: I just said I wanted to play every day. I’ve been playing, pretty much all my career, 150 games plus, and I just love to play, I just love this game. It’s no ultimatum. I just said to them that I want to be on the field every day.

On his talks with Scioscia and Jerry Dipoto: We talked, and he said I can get 400 at-bats, maybe more. He was just going to find a way to get me at-bats, play as a DH, play a little right field. He said I’m not going to be on the bench for the whole week. He’s going to find a way to play me.

On whether that’s OK: That’s fine. I just want to be on the field. It doesn’t matter how it’s going to be – in left field, right field, as a DH. Just help the team win, and whatever way I can help, I’m going to do it.

On if 400 PA’s enough: It’s not enough. I’ve been getting 600, most of the time 700 at-bats every year, but like I said, that’s the situation right now. Let’s see how it’s going to be handled, what’s going to happen. Let’s see. It’s just a number. But I think it can be a little bit more.

On whether he’d prefer to play every day on a lesser team: It’s tough to answer that right now. We have a winning team right now, and I think we have a lot of opportunities to win a ring right here,and that’s one of the things you’re looking for. I’m looking for a ring in my hand, I never had the opportunity. I was in Philly before and they get it, I was in New York, too, I missed two rings over there. I want to be a part of it.

On the difficulties of playing time with Mark Trumbo and Kendrys Morales at DH: Those two guys, we want them to be healthy and help the team. So I think it’s Mike’s decision. I’m not going to make the lineup. He’s the one who’s going to make the decisions over there. He’s the one who’s going to say who’s going to play, who’s not going to play. On that, I’ll just leave that to him.

On the potential trade to the Yankees: Well, I guess the reaction, it was like well I’m going back to New York. It was something, I think that was happening in one week or whatever. It didn’t happen, I don’t know what was the reason. But it would’ve been an opportunity for me to just play every day over there as a DH. It would’ve been a nice opportunity. It would’ve been nice, too.

On whether his whole heart is still with this team: Well, I’m an Angel. I’m an Angel right now, I’ve been an Angel for the last three years, four years, and all the fans know the way that I feel, how I play the game. I throw everything on the field to try to just win the games, help the team, help the young guys to have any idea what’s the game. Well, I mean, sometimes, these games, it’s a business sometimes, and you don’t know where you’re going to be tomorrow. Right now, I’m an Angel, I wear the uniform Angel, and I’ll do anything I can do just to help them win.

On his mentality now: I’m fine. I’m OK. We had a nice conversation this morning, and it was very good. We talked about what we needed to talk about, how many at-bats. We’re talking about 400. Like I said, it can be more than that, you don’t know what’s going to happen. But right now, Spring Training, just getting ready to play, get myself ready for the season, play a lot of games in Spring Training and do my work.

On what happens if he doesn’t play regularly eventually: After that, we have to see ,but I don’t control that. If it happens, it happens. But like I say, I don’t control just to make the lineup. Let’s see. It’s something we talked before, we talked early in the morning, and we have to just weigh when the season starts, just to see if it’s going to happen.

On if he’s had a change of heart since talking about being traded: It’s not like I’m looking to be traded. I just come over to make things clear. I just want to play every day. All I want, right now, in spring training, I don’t want to create any distractions for my teammates. Just get them ready for the season, and that’s it, just play the game. That’s one thing that I really love to do, and I’m just going to do it.


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