Angels position players being, well, efficient

We all know there’s some clutter in the Angels’ lineup these days, but not like this!

After finishing up batting practice on Saturday, six position players squeezed into a golf cart to ride back into the clubhouse. Albert Pujols, Alberto Callaspo and Vernon Wells crammed into the back, with Kendrys Morales, Maicer Izturis and Erick Aybar all riding shotgun. If you’re scoring at home, that’s about 1,300 pounds and $318 million in one golf cart.

“I didn’t realize Aybar was driving until about halfway through it,” Wells said. “I thought it was a clubhouse guy.”

All six of them made it back to the clubhouse in tact. As for the golf cart? It was still in the trainers’ room by the time I came back up to the press box. (I’ll be here all spring, folks.)

“We bottomed out a couple of times,” Wells said. “… [Aybar] was riding on the curb a little while, it was a little scary, but we made it.”


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I came back up to the press box.

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