Kendrys progressing; exhibition opener unlikely

Angels manager Mike Scioscia said it’s a stretch to think recovering slugger Kendrys Morales can get himself to the point where he’s playing in the exhibition opener, a split-squad against the Athletics on March 5. But he also said “there’s absolutely nothing in his ankle right now that looks like it’s going to inhibit him from being where he needs to be.”

Morales did some light sprints on the grass yesterday with no pain, and will do so again today. The Angels will be looking at video of Morales running each week to see what kind of progress he makes (hitting isn’t an issue).

“He might end up running better as time goes on,” Scioscia said, “but as soon as he gets to a spot where there’s no restrictions and he’s running whatever 100 percent is at that time where he’s not hurt, he’ll play. So we’re excited about that.”

More on later today.



I,m pumped !!!!

me too…I want to see Morales hit 35 homers , hit over .300 with over 100 RBI’s….so he can choose his next Team in 2013……….and his new contract.

Just like all my fellow angel fans maaaan i cant wait for the freaking season to start!!! I hope Kendrys is able to make his comeback this yr! Pujols we know will put in his part.. but having morales come back would be just as great for our halos!!! Go Angels!!! wooo wooo!!!

So I was in RF yesterday when Kendrys was launching bombs. Being at the plate did you get a feel that Kendrys was matching Pujols if not exceeding him in punishing the ball. It looked like it from my vantage point.

Great…just day one of some light batting but those two should put on some stunning BP shows

Kendry Morales is a better hitter than Pujols….if he has only come over when he had to, when he was 18 years old, we will not be saying Pujols is the best hitter in Baseball……he is going to come back , put his numbers and leave…..he is to good of a 1B to be a DH.
and he will get his $$$$$..then the AP deal will look Stupid..because Trumbo cant play 3B….and he may not want to be a DH either…..the thing is the LAA will not get anything for Morales, because he will declare himself a FA…..I dont know about Trumbo.

Kendrys coming back will certainly ignite fear and make it wher you have to face too many good hitters instead of pitching around them…Pujols, kendrys Morales, Trumbo, Wells , and Hunter in the middle of the lineup around with a Aybar, Kendrick, Bourjus, and Ianetta are going to be dreadful to face…Not bad having an Abreu, Callaspo, Izturits, and Conger in backup roles coming off the bench…This deep lineup will be going DEEP a lot…

Yes sir, not to mention, you didn’t even mention, Trout🙂

Enjoy the Fear…it will last only a year…then he will come back as a CWS, Tampa, Blue Jay or some other team to beat up on the Halos….

yesterday i was watching albertss interview and when it would show our projected lineup, they kept showing callaspo at third. it was bugging me really bad. trumbos got a very very bright future in front of him

so i was watching alberts interview yesterday, when every time they showed the projected lineup. callaspo was at third. i think its been made pretty clear trumbo is playing third. he has got a hell of a future ahead of him

sorry i thought it didnt send my comment the first time

I’m reading LUCKIEST MAN, Gehrig’s biography. Interesting. Completely opposite personality from Ruth, but Ruth was smart enough to realize that when Gehrig was batting 4th behind him he saw much better pitches than before Gehrig came along. It would mean so much to Albert to have a healthy and productive Kendrys batting 4th behind him. Nothing against Trumbo or Torii or Wells or whoever bats behind Albert if Kendrys doesn’t make it back, but the pitcher has more options to work around Albert if Kendrys not behind him. Come back Kendrys!

Nice… we need Kendrys in our lineup.

Enjoy him in 2012…….Because unless the LAA comes up with at least 15 Millions a year for 5 years , Bab Ban is gone!
this will be another Prove that the AP deal was pretty bad for the LAA…..the lengh of the deal….because is going to come to the LAA owing AP 75/100 millions at a point that AP is probably just another player…Artie blew it big big time.
This AP deal should have been 25 millions per year for 6 years…maybe even 5 years, no more than that.

I have found it rather easy to portray a businessman. Being bland, rather cruel and incompetent comes naturally in my opinion.
An economist’s guess is liable to become just like anybody else’s.

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