Trumbo, Conger to be present in HR Challenge

Angels infielder Mark Trumbo and prospect catcher Hank Conger will be part of a group of past and present ballplayers who will compete in the Trinity Bat Company’s first Home Run Challenge on Saturday at El Dorado High School in Placentia, Calif. Trumbo, who’s nursing a stress fracture in his right foot, won’t participate in the competition, but will be there to sign autographs.

Proceeds from the event will go towards the Cory Hahn Fund, which benefits the SoCal product who was paralyzed from the chest down after an on-field injury while playing for Arizona State University last February. More information on the foundation can be found here.

Trumbo and Conger will be joined by Mike Carp of the Mariners and Danny Espinosa of the Nationals, among others. The event lasts from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. PT — with the finals taking place at 2 — and will also include competitions at the high school, college and adult levels.

Chich-Fil-A will distribute food and Rex “The Wonder Dog” Hudler will conduct a live radio show. Fans can also enter raffles and auctions to win exclusively signed memorabilia and meet the players.

For more information, tickets and registration, visit

Also from today …

* Erick Aybar agreed to a one-year deal, but that doesn’t mean a long-term deal is no longer possible.

* The Angels announced that FanFest will take place on April 22, coinciding with the Angels 5K. The Angels will be three weeks into the regular season by April 22 (a Sunday), and will be finishing up a seven-game home stand against the Orioles that day. More information will be revealed at a later date.

With the Aybar signing, the Angels have taken care of all their arbitration-eligible players. Barring another move – and the club would still like to shore up the depth in their bullpen – they’ll go into the season with about $145 million committed to 18 players. All the others have less than three years service time and will thus make roughly $500,000, meaning the Angels’ payroll is currently expected to be about $150 million for 2012. Last year, they ranked fourth in the Majors with a payroll of about $138 million.

Here are some details on the Angels’ payroll obligations for 2012, a lot of which is compiled by the folks at Cot’s Contracts (note: this doesn’t include signing bonuses or incentives) …

Vernon Wells: $21M
Torii Hunter: $18M
Jered Weaver: $14M
Dan Haren: $12.75M
Albert Pujols: $12M
Ervin Santana: $11.2M
C.J. Wilson: $10M
Bobby Abreu: $9M
Erick Aybar: $5.075M
Scott Downs: $5M
Howie Kendrick: $4.5M
Hisanori Takahashi: $4.2M
Maicer Izturis: $3.8M
Chris Iannetta: $3.55M
Alberto Callaspo: $3.15M
LaTroy Hawkins: $3M
Kendrys Morales: $2.975M
Jerome Williams: $820K



incredible…Morales is at the end of the list….what a joke…even with his injury, he should have gone to Arbitration…to get more $$$$
the LAA is using Morales injury as Excuse….they know he is a 10/15 millions player, now or next year…the thing is Morales will ask for a trade or become a free agent after 2012 to look for the money he deserves….definetely much more than 3 millions….if Aybar and Kendrick are making over 5 millions , expect Morales to cash in 10/12/15 millions in 2013 , of course if he can come back to his regular form.

“of course if he can come back to his regular form”
That’s way.

morales is a joke we should have got rid of him right after his injury
even if he does heal he will never be as good as he could have been, not that he was any good to begin with
he doesn’t even deserve the $2.95 million we have to pay him this year to be on the DL and bench
we have conger for a reason-a cheap bench warmer

you must be a Ranger,A’s,Mariner or Dodger fan who can stand it! we have Pujols and Morales entering this line up and adding in upwards of 70-85Hrs with those two players alone. Don’t worry Hunter is gone after this year and we’ll have plenty to sign Morales if needed! I don’t think we’ve ran out of the 3 Billion $$$$ on our TV contract yet!

Aybar,Kendrick,and Morales are the core of our position players so pay them a fair wageWe also have too many people making comments on things they know nothing about.We don’t need the BS,ok?

Have you forgotten about Pujols? If Morales heals properly this year he, wlll be a DH and may play the field once a week. 2.95 million is pretty damb good for a guy who has been out the last season and 2/3.

We Angels fans nearly forgot Morales was an Angel. He was out so long, he is now new to the team. I believe in Torii. I’m sure he won’t have a .300 season, but with a more consistent, .280+ average. Let’s all hope the Angels will avoid having so many of their veterans to have down years like last year with Abreu, Hunter, Wells.

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