Starting pitcher extensions?

OK, so Howard Kendrick has already agreed to terms on a four-year extension (physical pending), and general manager Jerry Dipoto previously indicated that he’d also like to lock up Kendrick’s middle-infield partner, Erick Aybar.

But what about the starting pitchers? More specifically, what about Dan Haren and Ervin Santana?

The Angels have some leeway with both because they hold 2013 club options in each case. But as you all know, teams love locking up quality starting pitchers long term (though the Angels may not be able to fit that into their agenda this offseason). So let’s take a closer look at each of their cases …


Basics: He won’t be 32 until Sept. 17 and is heading into the final guaranteed season of a four-year, $44.75 million contract. For next year, the Angels hold a $15.5 million option — nearly $3 million more than what he’ll make in 2012 — with a $3.5 million buyout.

Numbers: Haren has been remarkably consistent and durable in his first seven full seasons, averaging 226 innings, 34 starts, 14 wins and a 3.49 ERA while making three All-Star teams and finishing Top 5 in Cy Young voting once (in 2009). In that 2005-11 span, the Monterey Park, Calif., native ranks sixth among qualifiers in WHIP (1.15, just ahead of Jered Weaver‘s 1.16 mark) and second in strikeouts (1,368, trailing only CC Sabathia‘s 1,417). He does allow a lot of fly balls — his groundball-to-flyball rate was tied for 57th in that same span — but Haren has never been on the disabled list. Not once! 

Comparables: We’re probably looking at a five-year deal here — the same thing Cliff Lee, A.J. Burnett, John Lackey and C.J. Wilson got at around the same age. Wilson got $77.5 million last month and had only been a starter for two years. Burnett and Lackey each signed for $82.5 million (Burnett heading into ’09, Lackey heading into ’10), but Haren’s numbers and durability have topped both. Then there’s Lee, who got a $120 million contract to return to the Phillies last offseason. Lee already had a Cy Young Award in his back pocket by that point, but his cumulative numbers paled in comparison to Haren’s — 99-57, 3.88 ERA, 1,346 1/3 innings, 1.258 WHIP and 1,035 strikeouts over the previous seven-year span.


Basics: He turned 29 on Dec. 12 and is heading into the final guaranteed season of a four-year, $30 million contract (signed just before his fifth season). The Angels hold a club option for 2013 at $13 million — nearly $2 million more than he’ll make in 2012 — with a $1 million buyout. They have not yet begun extension talks with Santana, a source said.

Numbers: Santana has been rather inconsistent through his first seven seasons, which has seen him combine for an 87-67 record, a 4.22 ERA, a 1.305 WHIP and an average of 185 innings and 148 strikeouts per season. In that span, he ranks 38th among qualifiers in strikeout-to-walk ratio and 85th in groundball-to-flyball rate. His walk total has been up the last two years, but Santana is coming off one of his best season in 2011, when he threw a no-hitter, posted a career-low 3.38 ERA, his second-lowest WHIP (1.220), his second-highest strikeout total (178) and his most ever innings (228 2/3).

Comparables: The four-year, $56 million contract Mark Buehrle signed with the White Sox in July 2007 (which paid him $14 million every year from 2008-11) may be a good gauge here. Buehrle had a bit better numbers through his first seven full seasons — 103 wins and a 3.79 ERA while averaging 225 innings and 129 strikeouts — but the rise in starting-pitcher contracts since that time may put Santana’s on par, or perhaps even slightly higher.



Sign both of them know because we need them

Hey Joey, I picked mine up for $1.49 at the local shop. Looks like you can pick up 25 of them for rolughy 45 bucks from some online stores. Can probably find them even cheaper on eBay.

I like your answer. Both of these guys go to the mound and feel they can win.
I feel this is very important to the team.

Haren is vastly underrated in Anaheim, and I guess that can prevent him to sign an extension as Weaver did, peacefully. Despite having put numbers as good as or even better than Weaver, he was announced as the second pitcher instead of a co-ace along with Weaver at Pujols and CJ’s press conference. What the hell was that?
He has put the numbers, went there in relief for the team in the 15th inning proudly.

I know there are fans who give him lots of support, but looks like some have eyes just for Weaver since he has agreed to play for only 85M. Both Weaver and Haren would get/have got more in the open market and would deserve that kind of money. So, if guys want Haren to take that same contract Weaver signed, they’ve got to start loving him too.

sounds good to me as long as it’s arte’s $$$$$

Hell alright…I love the guy!….

I always did anyway and I feel right there alongside you Alan that Haren deserves some love. However, he hasnt been here his entire career like Weaver has so thats where the disparity arrises. If or I should say WHEN the Angels re-sign Haren and he produces the same numbers hes been producing for THE ANGELS then he will have earned the love of the fans even moreso. THat being said I feel in general that the Angels fans will come to appreciate Dan as much as the Weav by this seasons end…ESPECIALLY when we get to the post season and Dan starts shutting down the opposition.

As far as Santana goes: We sign the guy…YESTERDAY. Given the market right now and in the near future there are not of free agent out there with as much to offer as Santana. Even if they brought in a new arm you still have to consider the guy getting used to the Big A, New environment, new team, and all that goes along with that not to mention pressure to perfom. Santana has already dealt with all that and has shown he is a winner. Sure he isnt perfect but he’s a damn fine competitor and thats sometimes all you need. The guy has heart and it bleeds Angel Red so sign the guy…he’s already shown he wants to win for THE ANGELS. LOYALY goes a loooong way.

Don’t worry, they’ll be signed. They have plenty of time to do it so no need to panic.

Trey, I admit Il liked Haren very much way before he went to the Angels, since about when he joined the DBacks. He has always posted very low WHIP numbers (which I consider a better indicator than ERA), and an amazing strikeout-to-walk ratio ever since. But in that night he pitched in relief, dude, he tottaly earned my love, because respect he already had.

heh, heh I don’t even remember what the qiutseon was about. I was more intent on getting the high note correct high up in the Metro DOME That was priceless. I’ll be singing Dang Me for a week

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