Salmon gets five Hall of Fame votes

Results are in from the National Baseball Hall of Fame, with Barry Larkin being the only one elected and longtime Angels outfielder Tim Salmon getting five votes (or, .9 percent in his favor) in his first year on the ballot.

“It wasn’t on my radar, because I had no visions of me getting enough votes or even being in the conversation,” Salmon said when reached by phone Monday. “It was just one of those pleasant surprises like, ‘Oh yeah, today’s the Hall of Fame voting. Hey, I got five votes; all right, cool. I wonder who they are. I have to put them on my Christmas-card list.'”

Considering you need 5 percent to even stay on the ballot — and a whopping 75 percent to get in — it’s safe to say Salmon won’t be a Hall of Famer. But perhaps the Angels can retire his number one day, alongside Jim FregosiGene AutryRod CarewNolan RyanJimmie Reese and Jackie Robinson (league-wide).

Salmon never made an All-Star team in his 14-year career — spent entirely in an Angels uniform — but he did post a career .282 batting average, .884 OPS, 299 home runs and 1,016 RBIs. He was the American League’s Rookie of the Year in 1993, won a Silver Slugger in 1995 and was one of baseball’s top sluggers from 1993-2000 — batting .294 while averaging 28 homers and 94 RBIs per season.

Salmon was especially key during the Angels’ uplifting World Series run in 2002 — a year that saw him get named American League Comeback Player of the Year — batting .288 with four homers and 12 RBIs in 16 games.

What do you think — does Salmon deserve to have his No. 15 retired by the club? (I’m guessing this will be a resounding “yes.”)

** A post is up on the Hot Stove Blog on the Angels touching base with veteran closer Francisco Cordero

— Alden 


Question is not if, but when…

He is Mr. Angel. Of course they retire his number. Wouldn’t mind seeing him take Gubi’s place in the broadcast booth alongside Victor also. It’s a shame Scioscia didn’t play him more his last year to get him to 300 home runs.

Yes, Salmon was great as a commentator last year. Would love to see him there on a regular basis.

And yes, his number should be retired.

It WILL be retired… It’s No coincidence that no one since Salmon retired has wore his uniform number. Dan Haren wore number fifteen with Oakland and Arizona. He chose number 24. I don’t think the Angels are making it available to anyone.

they were going to give him no 15, but then haren found out who wore that number before him, so he opted for 24

No, Tim Salmon will never be enshrined in Cooperstown. Thing is, this year’s inductee, Barry Larkin? Except for a ten point edge in batting average, his numbers aren’t as good as Salmon’s… the point being, either Salmon should have received a lot more votes, or Larkin should not have gotten in. I’d say the latter is the more accurate statement.

And yes, Tim Salmon should absolutely have his number retired by the Angels… and someday, maybe GA’s as well… but for now, the King Fish definitely should see his number up on the wall above the right field seats!

Can’t compare Salmon and Larkin. Salmon was a great player and might have put up Hall of Fame numbers if he’d had an injury-free career. But there are a lot of great outfielders in the Hall of Fame. Larkin was one ot the best short stops to play the game. As a short stop, he deserves to be in.

I agree the Angels should retire his number. All of the players who have their numbers retired are Hall of Famers, but Salmon’s contribution to the Angels goes beyond the numbers.

TIm Salmon deserves to be in the HOF. If he had those same numbers but had played in NY or Boston, he’s be in. Was he dominant at his position during his era, no-not really. He didn’t make the All-star game (popularity contest) because he played in Anaheim. I think a guy who was Rookie of the Year, put up very good numbers, was loyal enough to play for the same team his entire career, and had a squeeky clean record deserve to be in. He is my all-time Angel favorite. One day the Angels will be represented in the HOF!

My favorite all-time Angel

I hope he gets into the HOF but well just have to wait and see. As for the Jersey Retirement HECK YES. And Iam sure it will

Maybe he can be our hitting coach next year!!!!

Tim Salmon is Mr. Angel — a really good player, a really good mentor and a really good guy. He should be in the Angels Hall of Fame and have his number retired, and I would love to see him in the broadcast booth too.

The man is amazing. Will love him ’til the day I die. Would love to see him in HOF, but its not likely. However, he will be enshrined in the Angels HOF like Downing and Finley, and his # will absolutely be retired. It would be kind of insulting for someone else to wear that number.

I guess Downing won`t have his number retired by the Angels. Not now (#5) LOL! I loved to watch him play in Anaheim. Great Angel! Big part of the 2nd greatest trade in Angel`s history. Thank you Chicago White Sox. (#1 trade? Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi)

Does Salmon deserve the Hall of Fame? No, unfortunately not. Does he deserve to have his number retired by the Angels organization? Absolutely. The fact that Haren declined to take the #15 jersey when he heard whom it belonged to says it all in a nutshell for me.

If Salmon was a Yankee he would have been in at least 5 all star games and would be more of a household name. Not a Hall of Famer obviously. He kept his mouth shut and played hard in the steroid era.
WHEN are the Angels going to retire Brian Downing, Tim Salmon, Chuck Finley and of course Garret Anderson’s numbers. How about all three in separate ceremonies in 2012??
Hope you are reading this Artie.

Somehow I just don’t understand why Rod Carew’s number is retired. Did he go into the HOF as an Angel??

Tim Salmon is a Hall of Famer in my book. His is the reason I became not only a Angel Fan but a baseball fan as well. Although I see him as a Hall of Famer, I know not everyone does. He was true to the game. He embody what is mean to be a perfessional. He is probably the classes players to ever play the game.

Loved the Kingfish and appreciate all he did for the Angels, but I would say “No”. In fact, I don’t think any of the numbers – other than the league-mandated Robinson – should be retired. The standard should be – 1) In the Hall and 2) as an Angel. None of those players / coaches / owner meet the criteria. Ryan should be in the Hall as an Angel or an Astro, but he was probably paid by the Rangers to go in with their cap. I would rather see something like what the NFL does and have a ring of honor type situation where great Angels – Carew, Fregosi, Reese, Autry and Ryan along with Baylor, Finley, Percival, Langston, K-Rod, Erstad, Joyner, Downing, Grich, Salmon, Anderson, etc. – can be honored with their numbers displayed but not retired. One could even make a case for Adam Kennedy and Scott Spiezio to be honored this way given their 2002 post-season heroics. That way, the great Angels that weren’t necessarily Hall-worthy or went in with another team can be honored in a public way by the Angels but without removing their number from circulation.

Of course Tim Salmon’s number should be retired. He is “Mr. Angel”. I don’t think we are going to see him in the broadcast booth full time any time soon though. If you read his book, you will understand why he was an Angel for his entire career….FAMILY. He took the long contract for the sake of his family. Now he coasches for his kids little league and the time he spends with his family is important to him. This is why he didn’t appear at every home stand last year. Don’t see that changing anytime soon

heck Yes The Big Fish all the way!

Of course they should retire his number. His entire career. Class act from the start. Go read his book, by the way (and if you haven’t already). PLUS, and I know Larkin is a completely different player, if you look at Timbo’s career numbers they aren’t too far off some other “Hall of Famers” who maybe shouldn’t have been voted in. I can’t wait until he’s part of Sosh’s coaching staff, replacing the “retiring” Mickey Hatcher as hitting coach. YES!!!

I also think that the HOF should allow default players to be added so that EVERY team from MLB has a player representing them. I know it sounds naive and kinda dumb, but think about it….if the rules were: Your organization hasn’t had anyone on a ballot or even considered for the HOF in the last 20 year (or so), then the HOF committee members should be given the opportunity to vote in a guy like Fish to represent our team. Even though Albert Pujols will go in the HOF an Angel (of course). Here’s to the speedy “retirement” of Mickey Hatcher to be replaced by Fish…..the sooner the better.

Yes his number should be retired, along with Garret Anderson

Salmon should absolutely have his number retired. GA should as well. I would also like to see Percival on the wall as well.

Great thoughts on here, all. Thanks a bunch. More on Salmon will be up on later today. I’ll tweet it out when it’s live.

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I would love to see Salmon inducted into the Angel’s HOF and his number retired. Anyone who posts all time great numbers for a team (home runs, RBI, etc.) should be in their team’s HOF. Salmon was a class act, and one of my all time fave Angels (I thoroughly enjoyed his autobiography “Always an Angel”. I also think that Anderson needs to go into the team’s HOF as well. Both were excellent players, but not quite Cooperstown great.

My complaint is the Angels don’t retire numbers or induct players into their HOF often enough. (The Twins have an annual induction ceremony- though they have run out of great players)

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