Courting of C.J. hits social media

DALLAS — C.J. Wilson must’ve laughed pretty hard when looking at his smartphone tonight. While Wilson was making a surprise appearance at the Hilton Anatole on Wednesday — site of the Winter Meetings, and the place where he was believed to be meeting with the Angels and Marlins to choose a future home — Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison (@LoMoMarlins) and Angels outfielder Torii Hunter (@toriihunter48) went back and forth on Twitter to try and convince Wilson (@str8edgeracer) to sign with their team.

Here’s the timeline …

Morrison@str8edgeracer I want to sing u a song. I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it and I know, i know, I know I want u I want u

Hunter@str8edgeracer come on home to the OC. U would luv it and fans will luv u too. Alot of fun.

MorrisonHows the CA state income tax Torii? RT @toriihunter48 @str8edgeracer come on home 2 the OC. U would luv it & fans will luv u 2. Alot of fun.

Hunter@str8edgeracer u can also work on ur tan in Cali. I do it all the time dawg. LOL

MorrisonIts 72 every day in our new domed stadium! RT @ballystar40: @toriihunter48 @str8edgeracer But what abt the perfect weather all yr round Lomo

WilsonJeez keep your pants on RT @LoMoMarlins: Its 72 every day in our new domed stadium! 

MorrisonFun Fact: All-Star Jared Weaver wears jersey #36 in Anaheim. Which sucks for any free agent who also wears 36, if he were to sign there…

MorrisonCorrection: JERED Weaver. Another fun fact, Randy Choate (our #36) owes me favor 4 earthquake proofing his home. Wait, we dont have those…


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