Yeah, um, Roy Halladay is, uh, pretty good

OK, so maybe you didn’t need me to tell you Roy Halladay is a good pitcher. But it was interesting to see just how much of a throwback he is.

Pitchers, as you know, rarely pitch entire games anymore, and “durability” usually means 200 innings. Not for Halladay. The Phillies’ ace (and, yes, even though they signed Cliff Lee, he is the unquestioned ace on that team) is essentially unmatched in terms of complete games over the last few years.


* From 2003-11, Halladay has notched the most complete games in baseball with 54. The No. 2 man on that list? CC Sabathia, with 28.

* The 54 complete games by Halladay is more than the total for 26 teams.

For that eight-plus-year span, Halladay has 134 wins (first in the Majors), 1,743 2/3 innings (fourth), 1,333 strikeouts (sixth), a 3.03 ERA and a 4.79 strikeout-to-walk ratio. The 33-year-old right-hander’s last complete game came Wednesday against the Nationals, giving up two runs and striking out nine in the process. He has given up just three runs in 22 innings this year and has 22 strikeouts with only three walks.

Yeah, The Doc is pretty good.

And he’s actually pretty funny, too. This ad was a good one …

— Alden 

* What I wrote this week: The Rockies are doing what they never have; turning a double play can be a dangerous game; MLB family honors Jackie Robinson

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And he’s actually pretty funny, too. This ad was a good one …

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