And we’re off …

KISSIMMEE — So, I’ve finally started my own MLBlog, and here’s my first thought: What in God’s name took me so long?

As I described in the “About” section of this page, I’ve been writing for since May 2008. During that time, while covering a wide array of teams in Florida, I’ve come across so many different personalities, interesting topics, quirky anecdotes and chunks of information that can drive a baseball fan insane. Some of it made the headline stack. But some of it didn’t and was instead lost in the abyss that is my memory bank. 
Well, that doesn’t need to happen anymore. It’s 2010, and we have blogs — seems like I’m just figuring that out, right? — so I’m going to use that to my disposal by (hopefully) providing daily entries here from my various Spring Training and regular-season stops this year. 
But don’t expect up-to-the-minute posts on transactions, injury updates or lineups. I want this to be the space where I (correction: we) think outside the box. Hopefully, if nothing else, this blog will make you see things from a different perspective. That’s never an easy task for us baseball writers, especially with such knowledgeable fans like y’all, but I’ll give it a whirl. 
So, follow along. And bear with me. 
Here’s where I’ll be this week:

* Tuesday: Astros (Kissimmee)
* Wednesday: Cardinals (Jupiter)
* Thursday: Marlins (Jupiter)
* Friday: Braves (Lake Buena Vista)
* Saturday: Mets (Port St. Lucie)
* Sunday: Tigers (Lakeland)

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Wooooo. Go Alden!

Jim is awesome. I love how the 97′ Marlins were the team that was supposed to ‘win one for Leyland’ but who would have thought he’d be around as a manager heading into the 2010 season. Go figure.

Hanging around with those people must be fun.

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